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Mechanical engineering and product design has long been our core activity. We have developed many innovative products over the years from power fold mechanisms for automotive rear vision mirrors to active suspension systems for mining dump trucks. Our core skills are:

  • Mechanism and machine design
  • Mechatronic design involving combinations of mechanical and electronic devices
  • Thermoplastic design for injection moulding
  • Dynamics systems analysis and modeling
  • Structures and stress analysis, including FEA
  • Hydraulics design
  • Thermodynamics and heat transfer
  • Systems integration and packaging
  • Research and development (R&D) of new ideas, systems and technologies
  • Preparation of drawings to AS1100

From concept through to production our engineers strive for innovation. Our designers utilise Creo, Inventor and Solidworks to rapidly convert their ideas to reality and Ansys to validate and verify their designs. We have an in-house measuring lab for tolerance checking and a workshop and test facility to assemble and set to work new systems and conduct testing.

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