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Roller Shutter Drive System

Roller shutters on windows have customarily been operated by manual winder handles or tapes. These are visually obtrusive, expensive to install and subject to wear. Alternatives have up to now been limited to electric drive systems that require wiring to 240 volts and cost several times more than a manual winder system.

In conjunction with our client, OzRoll, Applidyne identified the significant niche that existed between manual winders and expensive drive systems, and designed a revolutionary product to fill it.

SmartDrive is an electric drive system for roller shutters that permits electric actuation for the cost of a manual winder system. It is a battery powered system that consolidates all electronic components, plus the battery power source in a single controller that can be carried from room to room. The controller operates a drive unit in the roller shutter that itself incorporates many innovative design elements to dramatically reduce the cost compared to competitor products. The innovative design element has been recognized by the granting of several patents for the system.

The sales results have been spectacular, with the product taking sales from both the manual winder market and expensive electric drive system market, as well as generating many new roller shutter sales that would not have otherwise occurred. Customers love the product because they can have electric drive functionality for a price comparable to a manual winder system.

The judges at the Australian design awards agreed giving it a prestigious design mark in 2005.

Applidyne is delighted to have been involved with SmartDrive from its conception, and congratulates OzRoll for its courage in developing the product through to successful production.