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Innovative new SCADA type system developed

Applidyne have developed an innovative new SCADA  type system for data acquisition and control for Cogen Microsystems heat engine test cell.  This was developed to provide greater versatility and more reliable high speed data channels than products such as Labview. For more details click here . If you have a similar need we can help.

2010 Scholarship Winner pictured in article on Humanitarian Engineering

University of Adelaide Student and 2010 Applidyne Engineering Design Scholarship winner Matthew Higgins was pictured in Saturday’s edition of the ‘The Advertiser’ in a profile on Humanitarian Engineering. The Advertiser’s article profiled Matthew and his fellow student Tomas West who are working together as part of the Engineers Australia’s Make It So initiative to develop […]

Australian Design Award nomination for Alex Cashmore

Former University of South Australia student, and now Applidyne employee, Alex Cashmore has been nominated for an Australian Design Award with his final year project, the Solar Sprinkler. The Final Year Project supported by Applidyne and Rainwater HOG assisted Alex with the Solar Sprinkler concept, created to replace energy hungry pumping systems typically required to pressurize water from […]

Applidyne sponsors 2010 Young Engineer of the Year Award

The Award is conferred to recognise the achievement and contribution of a young mechanical engineer, technologist or associate to the profession of Mechanical Engineering; specifically the level to which the nominee has enhanced the public image of mechanical engineering and/or their contribution to the volunteer activities of Engineers Australia and the excellence and commitment shown […]

Applidyne Client – StaminaLift International to exhibit products at Medica Trade Fair, Dusseldorf

Applidyne client StaminaLift International has announced that they will be exhibiting their products, including the hospital bed movers Applidyne assisted with, on the global stage at Medica Trade Fair in Dusseldorf. For more information on StaminaLift’s exhibit at the fair to be held from 17-20 November 2010 please follow the link for more information at […]