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Consumer Electronics Enclosure Design

When someone says, “design an electronics enclosure”, the first thing that comes to mind is a nondescript grey ‘jiffy’ box. But it doesn’t have to be that way. TrickleStar has been developing a range of aesthetic consumer electronics, and when we were tasked with designing their next range of products (the DryerSaver and Water Heater Controller), we knew we had to maintain that same brand language and style.

A range of concepts were designed to explore different styles and functions. Following this period of ideation, we developed the concepts into preliminary CAD models allowing us to 3D print prototypes. Between the range of products developed, we had to explore plastic injection molding, sheet metal stamping, light pipe design and ingress protection to name a few all whilst meeting stringent UL requirements.

Along this process we were in constant communication with TrickleStar, the electronics design team, and manufacturers.
TrickleStar is on the cusp of releasing this range of products, and you can read more about them at www.tricklestar.com
Below you can see a selection of images for the DryerSaver unit, as well as the Water Heater Controller.