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Each year Applidyne employs the services of local artist Harry Slaghekke to design Applidyne’s annual Christmas Card. These cards usually depict the successes or events of the previous year and are sent to our clients and suppliers to thank them for their support or service throughout the year.

With 2013 celebrating the twentieth year of business for Applidyne this year’s card was influenced by the changes in technology over the past twenty years.

We have taken the launch of the latest card as an opportunity to look back at Applidyne cards of Christmas past….

Applidyne 2013 Christmas card celebrating 20 years since Applidyne began business. This year’s card reflects upon the changes in technology (and fashion) that have occurred over the past 20 years.

Applidyne 2012 Christmas card celebrating Applidyne’s success at the 2012 Australian International Design Awards and the TIA Excellence in Innovation Awards with the MineLab F3 metal detector.

Applidyne 2011 Christmas card taking a lighter side to the controversial carbon tax passed by the Australian Parliament in November 2011.Suggesting new ‘green’ technology developed by our engineers could assist with evasion of the carbon tax.

Applidyne 2010 Christmas card celebrating the release to market of the MineLab F3 compact metal detector and successful rescue of thirty three trapped Chilean miners in October 2010.

Applidyne 2009 Christmas card which reflecting on the global financial crisis which forced many businesses to downsize during 2009.

Applidyne 2008 Christmas card showing the possibilities of what our engineers can do is limited only by your imagination.

Applidyne 2007 Christmas card giving some insight into the inner-workings of the creative process of our engineers.

Applidyne 2006 Christmas card showing the Applidyne team working on one of their more creative ‘projects’  as always looking to streamline Santa’s operations.

Applidyne 2005 Christmas card celebrating the successes of the 2005 Australian Design Awards with the Ozroll ‘Smartdrive.’

Applidyne 2004 Christmas card showing ‘Santa’s little helpers’ who not content with the previous year’s ‘Supa-Sled’ did away with the traditional reindeer and sleigh and created ‘Rudolph the Robot!’

Applidyne 2003 Christmas card showing Santa and the Reindeers enjoying an early Christmas Party thanks to the help of Applidyne and the ‘Supa-Sled.’

What happens when Applidyne engineers decide to tinker with the traditional Christmas tree lights?…You end up with a LEDmas Tree.


The engineers at Applidyne have developed this prototype LEDmas tree on a whim and have had some great fun developing the concept and animations.

With stunning animations, the LEDmas tree can morph from a traditional Christmas tree to a psychedelic light display.

A video of the LEDmas tree can be seen on Youtube while the original prototype is on display at ‘Two Pears’ at 145 Magill Road, Stepney until the new year.

Additional photos of the construction of the tree can be seen on our Facebook page.