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The Award is conferred to recognise the achievement and contribution of a young mechanical engineer, technologist or associate to the profession of Mechanical Engineering; specifically the level to which the nominee has enhanced the public image of mechanical engineering and/or their contribution to the volunteer activities of Engineers Australia and the excellence and commitment shown to their Professional Development within the discipline.

The 2009 Award was presented to Derek Mulder.   Derek is an inspirational young engineer balancing the responsibilities of Chairman of the Queenland division of the College of Mechanical Engineers and his role as a consulting engineer with Leslie Consulting.  Derek has a history of furthering mechanical engineering, including organising events with the Mech Club at the University of Southern Queensland.

The Award consists of a framed certificate & a boxed vernier caliper. The presentation was made during the National Final of the Weir Minerals Design-and-Build Competition.  Darren gave an inspirational speech on the roles and responsibilities of a young mechanical engineer today.