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Applidyne today announced the winner of its inaugural Engineering Design Scholarship.  The winner was third year engineering student at the University of Adelaide, Nicholas Schultz.  Nicholas won the scholarship in a closely fought race which involved sitting a test and interviewing with Applidyne.

Applidyne is an Adelaide based award winning engineering design company that has developed many successful product designs for many high profile Australian and international manufacturers since its inception in 1993.  The rapid growth of the company, coupled with a shortage of engineers led Applidyne to set up the scholarship, initially offered only to third year mechanical engineering students at Adelaide University.  Applidyne Managing Director, Mr Paul van de Loo said “The shortage of engineers coupled with our success with employing bright young graduates previously prompted us to work more closely with the university to attract new talent to the company.  Our clients are very demanding with regard to the quality of the design solutions that we create for them which means that employing the best talent available is imperative.  We see the scholarship as a way of introducing this talent to the company.”

The scholarship provides a $5,000 cash award as well as the opportunity to gain work experience with the company during the end of year vacation.  It is expected that the scholarship will be offered at other universities and also to electronic and electrical engineering students in future years.

Applidyne works closely with the University of Adelaide engineering school and considers these type of industry linkages to be important to the quality of engineering in the state. As Mr van de Loo explains; “it is vital that engineering students are exposed to what will be expected of them when they seek employment.  Work experience is a big part of this, and the scholarship test that we administered was also a good example for the students of real-life problems that they will encounter.  We were very interested to see how the students coped with some tricky real life engineering problems in a set time frame.  We were pleasantly surprised by some of the responses to questions where there was no ‘correct’ answer – there was a pleasing amount of creativity evident in the answers submitted.”

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There will be a presentation ceremony for the winner at Applidyne (time and date TBA)