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About Us

Applidyne is an Adelaide based team of design engineers who specialise in the design and development of mechanisms and electro-mechanical systems.  Since our inception in 1993, Applidyne’s design engineers have provided a seamless multi-disciplinary approach to product design and development. Performing engineering design, research and development (R&D), analysis, validation and project management.

We follow a systematic approach to design problems to ensure exceptional performance. This approach has been fine-tuned over hundreds of successful projects. We also bring to the table a fresh and creative way of looking at problems and this has resulted in several patents for our clients.

Our engineers can assist you with:

  • Product design and prototyping
  • Manufacturing support
  • Systems design
  • Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFM and DFA)
  • Production sourcing and tooling management
  • Research and Development
  • Project Management
  • Simulations including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), dynamic systems modelling, fluid and mold flow analysis
  • Control systems
  • Product and machinery testing
  • Technical investigation of accidents and failures

Our good grip on the fundamentals is what enables us to successfully work across a broad range of industries and technologies. We can assist with generating new product ideas, getting new products into production, and everything in between. Product design, research and development, analysis, CAD, FEA, prototyping and testing.  Mechanical, electronics, and software – we do it all.

Working With Us

It requires significant trust to outsource design tasks. We understand this, and work to forge partnerships where clients are comfortable with the design process, and are well informed as to the progress of the project. We have a long track record of collaborating closely with our clients, ensuring that their product expertise is tapped to produce the best possible design.

Intellectual Property (IP) is at the core of what we do at Applidyne.  It’s all about doing new and innovative things. Most of the work we do involves some level of IP generation, so we maintain accurate and detailed documentation of the design process to maximise the transfer of intellectual property. We supply our clients not only with the details of the finished design in the form of CAD solid models and drawings, but also make this detailed documentation available to them and assist clients with the patent process to ensure they can protect this hard-won intellectual property.

Each project is assigned a dedicated team for the life of the project. This team is headed by a senior engineer who is the Project Manager and client’s primary point of contact. They are responsible for achieving the project’s technical objectives on time and on budget and providing weekly updates on the projects progress.

With our CAD software, e-drawings and Appli-Vault,our secure file-sharing site, we can collaborate successfully with you and your design team at any distance whether base locally, nationally or internationally.

From one-person startups to established world leaders, no project is too big or too small. Our approach remains the same, our aim is to create innovative product designs for our clients that translate to a commercial success.

We also have experience with Government assistance for R&D including a number of different AusIndustry grants, state government Innovation Voucher schemes and the R&D Tax Incentive.  We can help you navigate this maze to enable you to fund your R&D most effectively. We are also a Registered Service Provider (RSP) which makes the R&D Tax Incentive more accessible to many clients.

Design Process

Applidyne follows a systematic approach to design problems to ensure exceptional performance. Some clients like to be heavily involved in this process, who else knows your business better than you? Some clients less so. We can work with both.

This systematic process is built into the culture of our work environment and all projects must pass a stage-gates review before the next stage may proceed. These are natural milestones for the project schedule and ensure we are addressing the technical objectives. Design process at Applidyne is typical as follows (click on each stage of the process for more details):

A specification is produced at the start of the project as part of the requirements review and is regularly updated as design requirements evolve. This specification is then evaluated against the current design at each stage-gate to ensure the technical risk is reduced and design continues to fulfill the project design requirements

Our Team

We believe that all good designs start with great concepts. Great concepts come from a talented team of engineers.

Lead by our Technical Director with over 30 years’ experience, Applidyne is a tightknit team of highly skilled individuals. We employ only engineers that demonstrate exceptional aptitude – the die-hard engineer.

We employ highly motivated engineers who are constantly learning. As a team we stay at the forefront of technology by attending industry events and sharing this constantly accumulating knowledge with the team at regular internal training and workshop sessions.

We believe in nurturing talent, hence our Internship offered to third year engineering students and a history of employing bright energetic graduates. We are always looking for interesting design challenges as this is what keeps our engineers motivated.

Registered Service Provider

Applidyne is a certified Registered Service Provider (RSP) approved by Innovation Australia. As a RSP we are deemed to have appropriate scientific or technical expertise and resources to perform Research and Development (R&D) on behalf of other companies.

There are a number of advantages that we offer our clients as a RSP:

  • Companies engaging an RSP for R&D activities can claim an R&D tax offset for eligible expenditure on registered R&D Activities and the threshold of $20,000 is waived.
  • Small- and medium-sized firms are able to identify and gain access to expert R&D resources in particular fields.
  • Small and medium-sized firms are able to undertake R&D activities without having to invest in costly R&D equipment or specialist staff.


Applidyne is highly recognised as a leader in product design and development. Ultimately our biggest successes are those where we have been able to create innovative product designs for our clients that translate to commercial successes. However, Applidyne is honoured to have received a number of professional awards for our design and engineering excellence.

Some of our previous awards include:

  • Australian Design Award and Patrons Award – MineLab F3 Compact Mine Detector (2012)
  • Australian Design Mark – KwikZIP HD Centraliser series (2012)
  • TIA (Technology Industry Association) Excellence in Innovation Award – MineLab F3 Compact Mine Detector (2011)
  • Australian Design Mark – Rapidjoint joinery connector range (2009)
  • Australian Design Mark – Smartdrive product (2005)

Australian Design Award – Powerfold Mechanism for rear vision mirrors (2003)