F3 Compact Countermine Metal Detector

The F3 Compact is an easily collapsible, waterproof and simple to use mine detector most suitable for military countermine operations.

Whilst Minelab are already recognised leaders in metal detection, a design objective of the F3 COMPACT was to offer a uniquely designed lightweight and compact detector without any compromise in detection performance. Consequently, the aim was to deliver a small form-factor tactical metal detector to be used for locating land mines in hostile environments. The design process proved to be challenging both mechanically and electronically particularly given the need to comply with Military Standard 810G. Applidyne worked closely with Minelab to develop the mechanical design.

The F3 Compact is currently being used to save lives around the globe.

Awards: MineLab F3 Compact was the winner of the 2012 Australian International Design Awards, Best in Category – Business and Technology and the Inaugural Patrons Award.