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Enviroview Energy Monitor (or EV Pro)

Envirovision approached Applidyne for assistance in developing the EV Pro, a product not unlike that of their competitors, but with added features and capability. Their existing product required adaptations to be made to the meter in order to begin monitoring energy consumption and their existing web-based client interface was clunky and unreliable.

Applidyne began by developing the MODBUS protocol to interface with their existing master controller the EV-WEB. This development not only made their own product function better but enabled the EV-Web to support a number of 3rd party metering devices such as Schneider and IME.

Applidyne also adapted Envirovision’s expansion module, the EV-CT6, to be compatible with MODBUS.

With the MODBUS protocols developed attention turned to the EV-Web internals. Development of the code and web server provided:

  • Code space for expected future expansion;
  • Increased support for significantly more inputs and devices;
  • Higher resolution monitoring.

The EV Pro provides a breakdown of electricity usage on each circuit, solar PV generation, and water and gas consumption via simple to understand graphical data. By monitoring and logging the input data in real time, the system is able to provide users with instantaneous graphical feedback as to what their current usage is as well as historic use over days, weeks, or months.

The EV Pro has enabled client Envirovision to introduce to the market a product superior to their competition and has resulted in rapid growth in their business.

The EV Pro is a scalable product able to be used in every scenario from small domestic installations to large commercial installations. This means the average home owner can monitor their electricity, water and gas and the same product can be used by shopping centre managers to monitor usage of electricity for individual tenants allowing for individual billing.

The quick and easy installation provided by the MODBUS interface provides Envirovision with a significantly more cost effective solution with greater capability than that offered by their competitors.