Preliminary Design

This is where we take the leading concept and add flesh to the bones.

We will identify and perform the analysis, testing, preliminary prototyping and other R&D required to resolve any unknowns or significant technical risks. Most likely this is where we start laying out the basic product architecture, using computer aided design tools such as CAD.

The aim of this phase is to gain confidence that all the Product Specification requirements can be met. In the case where it becomes apparent that they cannot, it may necessitate revisiting the Concept Design stage to modify the concept or identify or select an alternative.

This stage will generally culminate in a Preliminary Design Review (PDR) where we methodically assess the design against the Product Specification to ensure that the design will work. This is led by an experienced designer that has not been involved in the design, and also often involves the client.

Passing the PDR process is required before the next stage, detail design, commences.

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