Doing Business

We do business a little differently to some design firms. We are focused on the result, not draining your bank balance as rapidly as possible. Having said that, we are not cheap. But we are, we believe, very good value. We rely very heavily on repeat clients, so we treat every client so that they want to come back. We’ve been doing this since 1993, and we are only just getting started….

But what is our business? Applidyne is in the business of generating intellectual property for our clients, in the form of innovative product design. We focus on the efficient generation of superior concepts, and the practical implementation of these concepts into production-ready designs.

We supply customers not only with the details of the finished design in the form of CAD solid models and drawings, but also accurate and detailed documentation of the design process to maximize the transfer of intellectual property. We also assist clients with the patent process to ensure they can protect this hard-won intellectual property. We believe that all good designs start with great concepts.

We believe that good designs require accurate, methodical engineering analysis (have you seen projects where after the 7th prototype the designers are still scratching their heads wondering what is going on?). We believe in minimizing overheads, so that the customer is paying for design time, not management time. We believe in staying small, but maintaining a broad focus. We believe in always attempting to surprise clients with outstanding solutions to problems. We are always looking for interesting design challenges as this is what keeps our engineers interested. We employ only engineers that demonstrate exceptional aptitude – the born engineer type. This in itself limits our growth as they are hard to come by.  We believe in nurturing talent, hence our Engineering Design Scholarship we offer to third year engineering students.

Our business is constantly evolving as we have good ideas and as the world around us changes. To aid this process, we value your feedback so that we can keep improving, so please do not hesitate to tell us what you think