Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual Property (IP) is at the core of what we do at Applidyne.  It’s all about doing new and innovative things. 


Remember that the six most expensive words in business are: 

“We’ve always done it that way.”

Catherine DeVrye


A successful project for us is one which makes our client bucket loads of money.  Fortunately we have had a few of those, and all have one thing in common;  patented IP that provides our client a sustainable competitive advantage. And generally that’s IP that we have generated.

But what is IP? Basically anything that is new, novel, and required an “inventive step” to get there. That’s enough to be patentable. There are other forms of IP – such as designs which can be protected by design registration. For the official definition of IP see the IP Australia website. 

Most of the work we do involves some level of IP generation. We have become adept at evaluating the best way to protect IP and the best IP protection strategies. We are not patent attorneys, but work closely with our preferred attorneys to assist clients with IP protection strategies.

Our clients sometimes struggle with questions such as: When should I lodge a patent? Does the modification I made make my patent obsolete? Does my patent adequately protect the product I am selling? Should I seek a new patent for the further developments I have made? Could I use a registered design rather than a patent for my new product? Am I infringing our competitor's patent? These can be vital questions on which large capital investment decisions need to be made. They also often arise during technical due-diligence by potential investors or partners. Often there is no definitive answer to these questions, but we can assist you in evaluating your position and in developing a strategy to deal with these issues.